Product Placement

For decades brands and their products have been subtly placed in TV or cinema films as well as print and online media with an advertising appeal. The product is integrated in the plot and action in such a way that it is perceived as belonging there and not obtrusive by its viewers. Defence and filter reactions of the consumer can be prevented in this way. The aim is always to make the viewer perceive the brand or product subconsciously and to remember it later on, for example on a shopping spree. thinkOOTB provides advice on selecting the right project for product placements, takes charge of price negotiations, and guarantees the subtle and suitable integration as well as smooth implementation.


pp - Pick Up für Fack Ju Gîhte - Titelbild

PiCK UP! for Fack Ju Göhte

pp - Pick Up für Luxuslärm - titel

PiCK UP! for Luxuslärm