Mutual help makes even poor people rich.
Folk wisdom from China

As Berlin-based agency it is a matter of course for thinkOOTB to show commitment in Berlin.

For away from the frenzy of flashing cameras and gala events Berlin has to struggle with enormous challenges: Children from deprived families become criminals, young people with immigration background are confronted with overstrained teachers and hopelessness. Broken homes are the case and there are no more identification figures and role models.

Who could be a better role model for these young people than football pros with the same background? Globally known athletes who have become excellent personalities due to their achievements. All this under the same conditions as the young people we’re talking about.

It is an honour for thinkOOTB to actively support this extraordinary project Mitternachtssport (“Midnight Sports”). This particularly refers to winning sponsors, supporting their “bigger brothers” and PR advice. Awards such as the Bambi for Integration and the DFB Integration Award show that the commitment of Mitternachtssport is absolutely extraordinary.

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