Celebrity booking

“A memorable and high-profile event” is what every client wants. Exciting stories and charismatic celebrities are absolutely key to achieving this goal.

Celebrities with a high media profile will contribute to gain valuable PR. And, if the setting is right, a famous face can also help emotionalise an event or a brand. This will add brand awareness for the longer term and enhance the image of the brand. In close consultation with their clients, thinkOOTB will find the right celebrity/celebrities for each event. thinkOOTB will be in charge of negotiating fees and contracts with the celebrities and provides full-service support throughout the event (including any press interviews, releases etc.). thinkOOTB has a long track record of working with numerous national and international celebrities and their management agencies for many years. Clients will also obtain advice on how to attract considerable media attention and make best use of a celebrity personal appearance for their brand communication.

Cadillac Experience Berlin 2014

Aloe Blacc for Cadillac

Bar Refaeli für Lauräl

Bar Refaeli for Laurèl

Matthias Schweighöfer and Ruby O. Fee for JOOP!

cb - Florian David Fitz und Elyas M Barek für Base Camp - Titelbild

Florian David Fitz and Elyas M’Barek
for Base Camp

cb - Jason Lewis für Lauräl - Titelbild

Jason Lewis for Laurèl

cb - Johannes Huebl für Galleries LaFayette - Titelbild

Johannes Huebl for Galeries Lafayette

Jesse Metcalf & Cara Santana for Maybelline

Jesse Metcalfe and Cara Santana for Maybelline New York

 Silvio Heinevetter for Audemars

cb - Dana Schweiger für Rolls-Royce - Titelbild

Dana Schweiger for Rolls-Royce

cb - Stacy Keibler und Berenice Marlohe für Escada - Titelbild

Berenice Marlohe and Stacy Keibler for Escada

Joachim Llambi, Evelyn Burdecki and Massimo Sinato for Mall of Berlin