smk - Celebrity Adventskalender - Titelbild

Facebook Celebrity Advent Calendar

Many brands use prize competitions and draws through celebrity facebook profiles in order to benefit from the reach of the respective celebrity. When such prize competitions are well-staged by the celebrity, fans perceive them less as advertising but rather experience happy feelings. Celebrities’ facebook advent calendars started by thinkOOTB are a particularly beautiful and at the same time subtle integration option. Fans can use an app to win awesome prizes every day, which strongly increases interaction at least on the respective days. thinkOOTB already provided support for advert calendars to Mario Götze, Jerome Boateng, Elyas M´Barek, FackJuGöhte, Rebecca Mir, Susan Sideropoulos, Marie Nasemann and Milos Vukovic. thinkOOTB was responsible for the entire coordination and arrangements between the celebrities and brands.