Kai Wiesinger & Bettina Zimmermann für Vodafone


„Der Lack ist ab“ is a web-series-format, developed by actor Kai Wiesinger for the video platform MyVideo. In cooperation with thinkOOTB Bettina Zimmermann and Kai Wiesinger were successfully signed as new Vodafone testimonials.  The main focus is on the series-characters of both actors, who are also playing the leading roles in the new Vodafone „Zuhause Plus“ campaign. TV-spots, print- and online motives included. At the same time Vodafone appears as the main sponsor of the web-series.

It is emphasized that there wasn´t any branded content produced especially for the brand. In fact the possibility of connecting the brand to already exisiting creative content was taken.

thinkOOTB negotiated the fees with Bettina Zimmermann and Kai Wiesinger and acted as interface between the client and the celebrities throughout the entire cooperation in order to celebrate a joint success and establish a real partnership.